We add permanent information that identifies an item for the total lifecycle of the product. Our laser marking capabilities enable us to provide clear markings, such as serial numbers, lot numbers, unique identifiers, barcodes, logos, and other images, graphics, and data that retain their legibility, even when exposed to multiple environmental conditions.

Engraved Equipment Tags & Parts Serialization

Engraved tags for equipment display critical information about safety, instruction, identification and more. They are typically utilized on heavy machinery and by industrial equipment manufacturers to display part numbers and ownership as well as operational information on control panels, push buttons, switches, dials, valves, out of service components, and more.  Additional industry sectors using engraved nameplates and tags include military, aerospace, transportation and commercial manufacturing.

The shapes of acrylic engraved tags can be customized to conform to specific applications such as control panels showing multiple lights, screens and switches, all needing descriptive texts or a semi-circular shape to fit around a valve and identify its function. Engraved tags for equipment can also be customized with barcodes, company names and logos for asset management and to identify ownership.  Out of Service tags can be configured with hanging chains for temporary display on equipment that is temporarily non-functioning or under repair.

Engraved nameplates and tags for equipment will be made of plastic or metal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plastic tags are non-conductive for use on electronic components.  Plastic engraving stock is available in several thicknesses and a variety of color combinations of engraved text colors against contrasting background colors to coordinate with mounting surfaces or to highlight information with stark contrast.

Our laser systems can provide an annealed mark (surface level) or depth mark/scribe (below surface with some material removal) on most metallic and non-metallic materials. Applications include aerospace anodized aluminum or black-oxide coated components with barcodes and logos. Many industry and government marking standards have strict guidelines for marking requirements. We can meet these requirements without the need of ink and acid etching chemicals.

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